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Heart and Brain - a great video to watch


Once there was a time ...

... without the so-called Social Media. We got up, had breakfast, did our work, were not continuously "connected". Well, maybe we were connected in a different way.

It was the time of chatting via IRC on various topics, the time of mailing lists for discussion among colleagues, a time of politeness with enough time. We simply went our way.

We are the creators - how can we be the creators if we are continuously overloaded with contents that is often negative? In marketing we do know it well: "only give positive messages". That is, the sentence has to be without negation. Some concentration is necessary to reach this goal.

Global warming, global cooling, climate change ... they are all children of the same father: they install fear in people. Plastics, glyphosate etc. - our attention is kept onto exactly these topics.

But what if we simply concentrate on what we want, leaving out all the negativeness? Isn't the result the same, if not better?

One example: What i…

Max Planck about consciousness and matter

I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness. (Max Planck)
Bild von InspiredImages auf Pixabay

About change and new models ...

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” (Buckminster Fuller)

Photo from Pixabay

Quote about languages by Emile Cioran

On n'habite pas un pays, on habite une langue. - One doesn't live in a country, one lives in a language. (Emile Cioran)

First Steps with the Pin Loom

Well ... the wood was VERY hard - the next loom will be built with a softer loom - for test purposes I used fairly thin wool.

Sausages with an Indian Flair - Würstchen indisch angehaucht

Well, I am writing down this recipe, so that I am able to make it again :-) These days I am testing some new recipes since I am changing my diet to lower amounts of carbohydrates. Actually I wanted to make this with meat, but since sausages were on offer ... 
Ingredients (8 servings):

1 kg of sausages (cut in pieces)
1 butternut squash (cut in small pieces) - any other squash will do fine as well
1 kg onions (cut in half rings)
100 g butter
1 apple (cut in small pieces)
1 tsp. ginger (powder)
1 tsp. cumin (powder)
1 tsp. coriander (powder)
1 tsp. tumeric (powder)
3 tbsp. paprika (powder)
1 tsp. lemon juice
1/2 tsp. chili (powder or flakes)


Add all the spices in a bowl and add some water (that helps to distribute them evenly)
Fry the onions in butter for a couple of minutes.
Add the apple pieces and go ahead stirfying until the onions get some brownish parts.
Add the squash and stirfry some minutes.
Add the sausages and stirfry some minutes.
Add the mixture of spices a…

It is NOT Their FAULT! - Es ist nicht ihre Schuld!

Danny from Deep South Homestead on homesteading and life in general as a homesteader. And he is right, truly right. (Click on read more to watch the video).

Not enough time to get everything done

Hi all, I am sorry for not being here frequently enough to keep things going. I will try to keep posts coming again. I hope it will work out fine. LIke you can see from the picture, also my garden needs more work ... at least I have the kale growing and I can still harvest swiss chard, some small pumpkins, magenta spreen, amaranth, some tomatoes, carrots ... all bit by bit.
Maybe I should just get photos going, even just adding some hashtags and without text ... hmmm ...

Quote by Nicola Tesla on the Secrets of the Universe

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. (Nicola Tesla)

Zürdelsocken - Zürdel socks

Deutsch Vor Jahren, Ende 2009, habe ich, als ich noch in Italien lebte, über die Viedothek des Bayerischen Rundfunks eine Sendung der Frankenschau über Zürdelsocken gesehen. Es ging dabei nicht nur um die heutige Herstellung, sondern auch um die Geschichte und "wie man einst" solche Socken/Schuhe herstellte, denn das was heute im allgemeinen als Zürdelsocken bekannt ist, spiegelt die Geschichte nicht unbedingt wieder. Leider finde ich den Beitrag nicht mehr und finde auch online nur "moderne" Zürdelsocken.

Zürdelsocken oder auch Zürdelschuhe waren die Schuhe der armen Leute, denn die Wolle verfilzte und wurde praktisch zu einem genau passenden Schuh, der warm und trocken war. Wolle weist Wasser natürlich ab, siehe auch die typischen Lodenmäntel.

Der Begriff "Zürdeln" ist heute kaum noch bekannt. Als ich klein war wurden handgestrickte Pullover usw. wieder aufgetrennt - meine Oma sagte so was wie "IIch muß noch änn Pullovä aufzürdel". Leider find…

How much of food is needed in a month

This is an answer to a post on facebook which I prefer to keep on my blog for further use and updates.

Hmmmm ... I actually would go another way - calories are not calories. Some will make you hungry and some will feed you. I would go for: what do we eat right now in a month, asking my family what they do buy in terms of additional food to the meals I make at home. Then get your meal plan to a "difficult situation meal plan" for a month (I have one and used it a lot when I came back from the hospital in 2017) and write down what your family buys additionally. This gives you an overview about what you need in a month in terms of food and money. Add 5% to your numbers for each family member, just to make sure you do not need to run. And this is then the basis for your shopping list. Write down YOUR recipes and not those of others, because YOU are cooking.

One month is your starting point.

I prefer lentils over beans, because they cook faster.
I prefer dried peas over b…

Fiber from the Lotus Flower

The lotus flower can be used to produce fibers and yarn. I am collecting information about this topic here.

From Sheep to Wool - Vom Schaf zur Wolle

1) English
2) Deutsch

EN: First of all I would like to introduce you to my favourite sheep breed, but then again: all sheep are great. So these below are Coburg Fox Sheep:

Erst mal möchte ich Euch meine Lieblingsschäfchen vorstellen, wobei: alle Schafe sind toll.
Das sind also Coburger Füchse:

EN: I process different types of wool, depending on what I can barter or what I can afford. When the wool arrives here, I first have to sort it into fibers that are suitable for spinning and fibers for my garden.

DE: Ich verarbeite unterschiedliche Wolle, je nachdem, was ich tauschen kann oder für mich preislich möglich ist. Nun denn ... eines Tages kommt die Wolle an, die dann erst mal aussortiert werden muss. Das heißt, ich hole den Teil aus dem Vlies, der fürs Verspinnen geeignet ist. Der Rest kommt meinen Pflanzen zugute.

EN: This is where the methods of us spinners differ: some spin the wool as it comes from the sheep and I prefer to wash it first. I use soap flakes, which I first dissolve …

Stachelbeeren - Einkochzeit

Einkochzeit bei Stachelbeeren: 30 Minuten

Owly ... Eulchen ...

1. English
2. Deutsch

English A friend of mine asked me if I could make her one of "my owls" - well, and here it is. For me working with wool also is part of selfsufficiency and by making decorative stuff a set of skills is required. And: it is fun, simply fun. The owl is crocheted, filled with sheep's wool and the eyes and the beak are needle felted.

Deutsch Eine Freundin hat mich gefragt, ob ich ihr eine "meiner Eulen" mache - na ja, und hier ist sie. Für mich gehört das Arbeiten mit Wolle zur Selbstversorgung und wenn man dann solche Dekoartikel macht, braucht man gleich mehrere Fähigkeiten. Und: es macht Spaß, ganz einfach Spaß. Die Eule ist gehäkelt, mit Schafwolle gefüllt und die Augen und der Schnabel sind gefilzt.

Flour Dumplings - Mehlspatzen

1. English
2. Deutsch
English This is an old recipe of my grandma, that is: it is from her cook-book of 1927 with adaptations by her.

500 g of flour250 ml of water or milk1 tbsp of salt2 eggsif you have it: a bit of fresh yeast (how much that bit is, nobody knows ... well ... I take half a teaspoon of dry yeast - it works fine)

Chickweed - Vogelmiere

1. English
2. Deutsch
English:  Chickweed grows a bit all over my garden beds and pots. It's a great addition to my salads and one can also make pesto with it, just substitute basil with chickweed and you will be astonished how great this tastes. Remember to cut it into small pieces before processing it in a blender, since the centre of the stem has a little string that is not easy to process in there. Chickweed also grows in winter under the snow, so it's definitely one of the few fresh winter plants. It has also a number of medical properties: it is said to reduce inflammation and to be beneficial in the case of fragile superficial veins, just to mention two.
Further reading:
Plants for a FutureWikipedia
Deutsch:  Vogelmiere wächst irgendwie überall in meinen Beeten und Töpfen. Es ist eine super Zutat zu meinen Salaten und man kann auch Pesto damit machen. Man ersetzt das Basilikum einfach durch Vogelmiere - und: es schmeckt wirklich toll. Bitte nicht vergessen, die Vogelmie…

International Mother Language Day fan page on facebook

I think about this fan page over and over again. It comes alive once a year, only to "sleep" again until the next 21st February. Many people caring about their mother language. Well, there was a time when we reached near 10,000 people with a group. We then were 15 admins and also there the main activity was around International Mother Language Day. The group was then deleted by facebook for whatever reason.

But why do we care only once a year? Why don't we care every day or at least once a week?

When one of the languages of this world gets lost, loads of wisdom gets lost with it. Wisdom not only about words, but also about living, medicine, plants and so much more. Is language loss and biodiversity loss correlated? What if everything from poisoning our planet to using materials that pollute our environement is correlated as well?

What if we start to preserve each day a bit? A bit of a language, a bit of our planet? Hmmm ....

Image from Pixabay:…

Paprika - Einkochzeit

Man findet viele verschiedene Angaben, von 30 Minuten bis 90 Minuten bei 100 °C. Von nur mit Essig bis ohne Essig.

Ich persönlich koche Paprika bei 100°C 60 Minuten ein.

Origanum vulgare

1) Text in English
2) Text auf Deutsch
English Oregano is said to be:


Calendula in Tomato Sauce with fried Mozzarella - Calendula in Tomatensoße mit frittiertem Mozzarella

This is the picture story for the recipe in my book to come :-)
Please note that I take most photos with my mobile, just for a fast documentation, not to have the best shots ever :-D It is just a matter of time - or I cook or I concentrate on photography.

Hier die Bilderstrecke für das Rezept, das in meinem Buch enthalten sein wird :-)
Nur kurz eine Info: ich nehme die meisten Fotos mit meinem Handy auf, also einfach nur um die Schritte zu dokumentieren und nicht, um tolle Fotos zu machen - entweder koche ich oder ich konzentriere mich auf Fotografie :-D

Calendula: basic notions - Calendula: Basisinfo

1) Text in English
2) Text auf Deutsch
English Calendula - also called pot marigold, having the scientific name calendula officinalis - and indeed it was the "pot marigold" that intrigued me.

Thoughts about theories concerning our future

This is an answer to a question about Valentina Zharkova's newest paper in a group on FB:
Well in its past Mother Earth had times that were much hotter and times that were much colder than those we are living in right now. Valentina Zharkova, in terms of solar cycles, says what has always been true for me: there's no need for menkind to intervene, Mother Earth is

Just a nice photo by my daughter - photo taken near Effelder, Thuringia

(c) Luna Cretella, all rightsreserved

Sunburn on crops

I am really not sure if this is actually kind of a sunburn, but mainly the leaves of peas and beans are having some kind of trouble with the sun. I cannot move the two pots with peas on my balcony into shade, but I could do this with the beans. The peas got more or less devastated. They went all dry while the beans only have some parts of the leaves "burnt". No, it is not a pest, it can only be the sun. I have a similar situation in the garden:

Corn growth ... it seems to be quite late - and weak

Last week we were driving to a village next to our home and I saw the many corn fields. The plants seem to be so small and all those open gaps. I will drive along that road again next week and take pictures. But still

Harvesting time for berries is at it's highest point :-)

A short update from my side ... it is really hot over here  - African heat. 32°C at 8 PM. We just came back from the garden of my father-in-law. There were so many redcurrants and gooseberries to harvest ... well ... now my family gets

Zitat von Albert Einstein

Phantasie ist wichtiger als Wissen, denn Wissen ist begrenzt.

Zitat von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Es ist nicht genug, zu wissen, man muss es auch anwenden.

Quote by Pete Seger - goods and their properties

If it can't be reduced, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled, or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from construction.

Extending my growing space

Yesterday I harvested a handful of sugar snap peas and had them for a snack. I am far away from being able to have enough food for my family, though it is getting better step by step.

In order to grow more, I do need growing surface and I need crops that go beyond salad.

When I started with my first garden bed in 2014.