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Open Content :-)

Well, some days ago Gerard told me that somebody on IRC said to him that WiktionaryZ, since it is not a Wikimedia Foundation project, is not Open Content ... well that is completely wrong.

Fact is that we would like very much to see WiktionaryZ in the Wikimedia foundation. Fact is that we were told by the foundation that they do not have the technical means to fulfill the requirements for Wiktionaryz (among others 24*7 uptime and adeguate backup procedures). Hosting WiktionaryZ will cost quite a lot in terms of financing ... well: therefore we need partners. But we do not only have financial partners - we also have many partners thanks to their contributions in terms of contents.

Our license is the same as the one the Wikimedia Foundation uses: GFDL and in addition, to allow for easier sharing of data in the form of dumps - may they be bilingual dictionaries or multilingual dictionaries of specific themes or the whole contents - the CC-BY license.

So: there are two very clear points - o…

OLPC ... who would buy the laptop at which price?

Gerard just passed me this link: and yes, that post interests me a lot, because we are working on a multilingual dictionary for the OLPC laptop.

So someone promised to pay USD 300 if other 100.000 people would promise to do the same. Well, that was a very difficult goal, because without the right surroundings, without having the possibility to really be able to use that laptop, who promised this did it probably out of an ideological mindset.

Considering my situation (having two kids of 4 1/2 years who already play and surf with mom's old PC) and that of many other people - considering the prices you pay for an e-book reader of a certain kind - I am sure that high turn arounds, diffusion and therefore refinancing of the project can be achieved quite well.

Consider to have kids in the States and in Europe who have parents with a PC and WiFi. For these kids having such a laptop would be an advantage. Consider schools that have…