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U96 - Das Boot

Music ....

I am just listening to some "old" music together with Outi - so this is one I remember from when I went to work in the morning ... it was on each day.

Be prepared for some more today :-)

A new inhabitant ...

Such a nice little friend is living behind the clock in the kitchen ... I remember a story from over 10 years ago. At that time there was another family living downstairs and one evening I heard someone shouting "Sabine" - a kind of a call that sounded like an emergency ... so I went out on the balcony to see what was going on and Patrizia who lived downstairs was gesticulating heavily indicating me such a nice animal and telling me "close your window in the kitchen or it will enter". Something I never understood is why so many people here are afraid of lizzards ... I have them around on the roof, the balcony and now one in the kitchen ... they are just fun to see and in the worst case they eat some insects that are around ... considering that I don't like mosquitos ... I love lizzards :-)

My coast ... yes, it's mine :-)


Itzgründisch ... or German?

It is a strange feeling when you start to realize that you actually "translate" when you write your so-called mother tongue. The other day I wrote a personal message for a friend and I noted something really strange: the way what I wanted to say formed in my head was different from the way I wrote - this means that subconsciously I was translating from what I had in mind to what I actually wrote. The funny thing is that when you consider some terms to be translated from German to Italian you cannot do it because these don't exist in Italian ... and this seems to be quite normal, but that you cannot express what you have in mind in the language you grew up with, that is really weird ... yes, I am trying to get my language back ... that is my real mother tongue which is Itzgründisch which is considered to be a dialect of Mainfränkisch. A language I know from my gand parents listening to it, but which I was not allowed to speak and learn ... time to learn it I would say.

Meeting a jelly fish ... not much fun ...

So this is what it looks like when a jelly fish touches you ... when? At around 7 'o clock in the morning (strange time for this region ... at least I was told so) after almost one hour of swimming ... it was the other day that I saw one for the first time here in the sea. This is a link to commons where you can see how it looked like. Then yesterday morning, while swimming I thought it might be a good idea not to get with my face under water like I so often do and so I decided to swim my approx. 2400 meters almost only on the back. I still had that image of the jelly fish in mind. Well: it was a good idea - at approx. 1600 meters, the distance I used to swim last year, something got my leg ... and it burnt ... so I had my first meeting with one of these not so nice creatures .... well they look nice, but actually meeting one personally ... that's not so much of a good idea. I suppose I never swam as fast to reach the beach like yesterday.

What was a bit particular was that I d…