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First editability is there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today on 17:16 the first article on WiktionaryZ was edited!!!!!

Translating contents for small Wikipedias

Well, often it makes a lot of sense to translate articles for small Wikipedias. There are various reasons - one of them for me is: fast contents creation in order to allow other people to go on working on what I put there. Now, when it comes to whole articles people still often ulse the slowest method: open a Wikipedia page and copy the contents pasting it to another Wikipedia page where they then translate it step by step. A faster approach, using a good glossary, is the work with a CAT-Tool like OmegaT, but you still have to open the wiki page, copy the text, paste it in the text editor - or in, save it, translate it with the CAT-Tool and then open the .odp file and copy and past the text to its destination page. Now this copy and paste takes some time and if you do it frequently you will note how fast you reach an hour that you loose in only copying and pasting ... time ago there was that proposal of a wiki-read - translate - wiki write feature for OmegaT. It would …

And another nice idea ;-)

Well, after having worked on WiktionaryZ for over one and half a year it is pretty funny to see sooooo many nice ideas around ... the last info on what translator's cafe is doing came through the uw-creations list - where we discuss the connection of Wiktionary with CAT-Tools.

So now we have also a termscafé - the funny thing is: all try to get their slice from the market instead of wanting to co-operate - instead of creating a real ressource that all of them could use ... well WiktionaryZ wants to co-operate and this should be clear to anyone. Being of a free license it is accessible and usable by anyone. Of course there is copyright to the entries: and that remains to the original authors - and of course there is proper licensing under a free license.

Well ... it is fun to see all these initiatives spot up and say: hey, we had the great idea to create a real good ressource for you ... uhm ... why not just co-operate and link???

SDL TRADOS Certification Program

Why do they need to find the most nifty marketing strategies to make sure people buy their software? What SDL TRADOS is obviously trying to do is monopolize the market. They are experiencing some difficulties, because they are trying to cut out translators who don't use their software (you must have a license of SDL Trados 2006) ... well I do not need to have a compute with Windows installed to get a Windows certificate ... so that is about sales and not about knowledge.

People for sure will put being a good translator with being SDL TRADOS certified on one level - well that should not be the case ... because knowing a software well does not mean you are a good translator. But: we must now outline the differences ... we must now show that it is not the software that makes a great translation ... it is the person, the translator.

I am wondering when they will trademark certain expressions like CCM Methodology - which means nothing else than Createing, Cleaning, Maintaining methods - …

A reference implementation for a translation glossary - other usages ...

Well ... there is that ... we want that application and it would make so much sense in so many ways ... now: if we use it within a CAT-Tool does not mean we cannot use it also differently. Having source + target + definition + photo (very useful for technical stuff) + link to the soundfile with the pronunciation + feedback mechanism is a great thing ... but translators are not the only ones that can make use out of it ... how about kids? Couldn't these tools help integration in particolar for those kids coming from countries where there is no dictionary in that language combination? Wouldn't it make sense that they have their own definition (for kids) + photo + pronunciation? This would help them on one hand to integrate in the new community in another country and on the other hand they would have an instrument that helps not to forget "their language".

I would create the application in a way that the downloaded tbx file can be used for several applications, one of wh…

Menu translations ... OmegaT ... TMX exchange

Well today happened what I already had foreseen time ago, something I anyway would have liked to start, but did not do it due to many, many other things to do. A friend needs translations of menu terminology into several languages. Now you would say: well, why doesn't she offer translation services for this. Of course, I could do this, but: I would not get the job ... not because I am lacking of qualifications, but because this job would never be outsourced.The idea some time ago was to create a glossary with translations for menus, get people working in hotels, which are supposed to do that job, together to exchange their translation memories. Then we did not have the complete infra structure to do this ... today we have. So maybe this is the right moment to launch this project and promote a Open Content project for menu translations.Terminology: for now it makes sense to host the terminology on – in a second stage it will be transferred to http://wiktion…

Filo muoviti finchè non vedi più contatto ...

Ho riletto questo post a distanza - meglio chiarire - si potrebbe fraintendere: la traduzione era da fare dall'italiano al tedesco - il casino "fatto in casa" si riferisce al cliente finale, che forse, per risparmiare, ha fatto fare la traduzione a ... hmmm ... non si sa chi dall'inglese all'italiano.

Questa era una frase dell'ultima traduzione che ho consegnato ... ovviamente è sbagliata. Il testo in precedenza era stato (molto probabilmente) tradotto dall'inglese e c'erano cose davvero strane. Be' è umano che qualche errore si fa, ma questo testo qui era uno di quei testi che bisognava prima ritradurre all'inglese per poter capire l'italiano. Un'altra barzelletta: "detettiamo" ... be' è chiaro ... qualcuno aveva voglia di re-inventare l'italiano ... era un'italianizzazione di "detect" ... solitamente non scrivo dei lavori che faccio qui, ma questo davvero mi ha fatto lasciare di stucco. Non era solo un … is up

Well, we are working, working, working - slowly is growing ... it did not make sense to have too many people there right now since we are still working at the basic stuff like templates for online CVs, templates for language schemes etc.

Where I myself and Nautilus can do a lot is on the translation related side. We hope that Interpreters and Copywriters will join us soon, so that we can discuss what is needed to meet their needs.

WiktionaryZ again takes some more time as expected - anyway the language portals of and are going to be connected. The Babel templates, that are used to show the users proficiency in a language and if he works (earns money) with a certain language have been transferred to as well. They definitely proofed to be not suitable to find translators. That's why we started to create categories with language combinations ... but we have to find even better ways to categorise people ... by giving t…