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Monopolising the CAT-Market

When I read such stuff I understand that we do the OmegaT marketing the wrong way:

We must go out to companies and explain them about translations, how to do them, what a CAT-Tool is and why it does not make sense to be dependent on a "closed technology".

Latin is dying out

And another interesting link to read about Latin dying out ... if I only had time ;-) :

PDF becomes a new ISO standard

Well, just to let you know about this . .. don't really have time to write. If you are interested in PDF just click here and read more.

Erin McKean about Dictionaries

Well ... I now understand a bit more about the New Oxford American Dictionary ... and if you are interested in Dictionaries you should have a look at the presentation by Erin McKean. Have fun :-)

Contents creation for wikipedias

The following text was originally created for an e-mail to the afrowikinews group. I believe it is interesting to more people so I post it also here.

Well if contents creation for Wikipedias is a theme: let's take up that
theme considering how it could be done.

Of course it depends very much about which wikipedia we are talking and
if we are talking about "how to build a wikipedia" only with the help of
the community or about "how to use funding". Or maybe a combined way.

Now let's talk about the case in which funding is available.

When it comes to funding, in a first place you have to consider if the
sponsor would like to see certain information there - that could be
anything: from descriptions of cities and mountains to biology to
whatever. The most requested pages are normally background information
to the news - this means: people search for articles that are related to
the news they read about in the newspaper, learn about in the news etc.

The best way would b…