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Luna and the broom ...

Luna has been sick for some days and still is not a 100% back to normal, but she cannot stay still for a moment. So the broom was still not put away and she started to play with it. With the feet on the lower large part she had it move forth and back ... until the moment when she found it too fun ... well at a certain stage the stick of the broom hit her on her front ... it did not hurt all too much ... but her face ... don't know if you can imagine that ... I started to laugh like mad when I saw her face ... and she got veeeeeeery angry with me :-D

Valentin ... or when a tumor grows for the second time ...

There's not much on the blog. Our main article is published in an online newspaper and it makes more sense to link to it.

So if you are interested to know what we are doing these days, just go to Positanonews:

Computer sciences and elementary school

Today my two had another computer sciences lesson and had to "learn by heart" how a computer is built ... but: in their schoolbook only a normal computer (tower) is considered, no laptop. Only Windows is explained in there, no Linux. Now they started to read that stuff where it says that "the mouse moves the cursor" Marco comes up with "well, but we don't have a mouse, we use a touchpad" and when the book talks about "floppy disk, CD-ROM and DVD" she comes up with: but we don't have any floppy disks ... and so I had to explain they whys and whats. The fun thing was when they started, looking ahead in the pages, well, we had Windows some years ago (they started very soon with computers - Marco broke the first keyboard veeery sooon, he was not even one year old and they had their first working play laptop with 2 years) but today we have Edubuntu which is Linux, so that stuff in the book is old :-D

We started to talk a bit about the differen…

Quando una stella non c'è più ...

Quando una stella non c'è più ...

Una storia dedicata a tutti i bambini nel mondo.

Ho pensato a lungo come raccontare gli ultimi giorni e ho scelto la forma di una storia nella quale non usero nomi, eccetto quello del bambino: Ilya. Molti particolari non li posso purtroppo pubblicare qui. Quindi leggerete solo la punta del iceberg, tutto il resto della montagna rimarrà nascosto.

11 settembre 2008

La settimana scorsa arriva un messaggio di un amico nel chat nel quale mi dice che c'è un bambino che ha urgentemente bisogno di un trapianto di una parte dell'intestino. Il bambino ha appena due mesi ed gli estato esportato una parte dell'intestino. Il nome non l'abbiamo usato allora. La situazione era grave e non c'era tempo da perdere. Quindi abbiamo attivato dei contatti e vorrei ringraziare in modo molto particolare la persona che ha creato il contatto con un'ospedale ben noto a Roma. È andato tutto molto veloce, davvero. I medici a Roma si sono dimostrati molto d…

City, Am Fenster

Well the following song shall be the last one for today.

Einmal wissen dies bleibt für immer
Ist nicht Rausch der schon die Nacht verklagt
Ist nicht Farbenschmelz noch Kerzenschimmer
Von dem Grau des Morgens längst verjagt

Einmal fassen tief im Blute fühlen
Dies ist mein und es ist nur durch dich
Nicht die Stirne mehr am Fenster kühlen
Dran ein Nebel schwer vorüber strich

Einmal fassen tief im Blute fühlen
Dies ist mein und es ist nur durch dich
Klagt ein Vogel, ach auch mein Gefieder
Näßt der Regen flieg ich durch die Welt

Flieg ich durch die Welt

Ludwig Hirsch, 1928

Jetzt bist du weg, Nena + Udo Lindenberg

Yes, you are right :-) I am listening to quite some music today :-)

Ganz unten, Saitenwynd