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Priorities ...

There are moments when one has to choose among several priorities. Now this is one of these moments ... I had to decide if to let others decide on how I spend my time or if it is me to decide it ... well, who knows me also knows that it is definitely me to decide on my own time.

Some weeks ago the usual trolls came along the nap.wikipedia - yes, I call them trolls, because they do not do facts, but only complain. They complain that people in Abruzzo (and please be aware that I do not say the whole of Abruzzo) speak Neapolitan (or better a variety of it). They claim that Abruzzese is a dialect of Italian quoting Ethnologue ... well some will say: it could be ... but no, it cannot be, because if Abruzzese was a dialect of Italian it would have developed after Italian had developed. This means it would have developed after the unification of Italy around the end of the XIX century. Well yes, Ethonologue says this, but Ethnologue did not make a study on Neapolitan like Rohlfs did. It is c…

Why should we create many stubs on small wikipedias?

This is a crossposting - originally the following text comes out of an e-mail to Aphropohnewikis, a yahoo-group where you can talk and learn about the wikipedias in various African languages.

Let's consider: which stubs are those that invite most people to contribute? Well ... that will be different from one wikipedia to the other, but talking about wikipedias that need a low hurdle in order to allow people for participation we should consider the following things:
*generally people know something about their home town and neigbouring towns - so stubs on these town + the capitals + countries can invite to add information - if not: they would just be there waiting for someone to take up this project
*the almanac: people know the birthdays + dates when people died - presidents, authors, painters etc. - that is why you want to have the calendar pages immediately. Then take people there and have them add the dates .... this is where they have to write small texts, create a wiki link and …

Encyclopaedias ... how long do their entries need to be???

This is one of these questions. When it comes to wikipedia many people immediately think about long articles about each topic. Considering the multitude of encyclopaedias you can find in a book shop one thing is obvious: entries can range from one sentence to full pages.

Now people often complain that the encyclopaedias of regional language's wikipedias do have many stubs and just some long articles - well: I would compare these to the kind of encyclopaedias that give you basic information on many topics in just one or two volumes. I would not compare them to the big ones like Britannica, Brockhaus etc.

Of course over time you will find single articles that get longer, others will remain short for a long time, but ... well ... does it really matter? I'd say no - because Wikipedia is not in concurrence with anyone to my opinion - people put us into a concurrence position, but we are not, because the way each language version is built and works is so unique.

Fact is: one can only w…