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Weather for the coming two weeks

Well it is supposed to get warmer. At least the nights below zero seem to be over and by Wednesday it should be 5°C during the night and 10°C during the day (max 5°C today). Then it should get up to 8°C during the night and 16°C during the day, which is fine. No rain for the coming 2 weeks, like it seems ... hmmmm ...

Legal data is online, but needs some nicer layout ...

Well, I just added the legal disclaimer in German and English, because these two languages are those I mainly use. Occasionally you also might find some text in Italian, Franconian or Neapolitan. I will have a closer look at the layout during the coming days, but what is relevant is that the page is up-to-date.

Back to Blogger ...

As of to day I will write blogs here again. I just got annoyed by needing too much time to maintain a website with CMS. Continuous updates, resolving problems etc. Yes, I can program, but most of my friends follow me on various social networks and therefore it just makes more sense to post photos here on the blog and via the social networks.

I am just downloading the data from my website and will then add things here.

My legal notes will be updated asap ... just have to copy them over here.