Sunday, September 22, 2019

How much of food is needed in a month

This is an answer to a post on facebook which I prefer to keep on my blog for further use and updates.

Hmmmm ... I actually would go another way - calories are not calories. Some will make you hungry and some will feed you. I would go for: what do we eat right now in a month, asking my family what they do buy in terms of additional food to the meals I make at home. Then get your meal plan to a "difficult situation meal plan" for a month (I have one and used it a lot when I came back from the hospital in 2017) and write down what your family buys additionally. This gives you an overview about what you need in a month in terms of food and money. Add 5% to your numbers for each family member, just to make sure you do not need to run. And this is then the basis for your shopping list. Write down YOUR recipes and not those of others, because YOU are cooking.

One month is your starting point.

I prefer lentils over beans, because they cook faster.
I prefer dried peas over beans, because they cook faster.
I cook beans in huge amounts and get them canned, so that I have less work when having to cook them for a meal.

First publication: 22 September 2019

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