Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What to do with all those links ....?

That was the question when I received a link yesterday ... now I get frequently interesting links and would like to put them somewhere - these are not always news - it can be a funny website, an e-book, simply an interesting website, a word on WiktionaryZ, an article on Wikipedia - there are so many possibilities ... you might have the same problem ... well: for that scope I opened the section Linksoup on words & more. There I simply paste the links with two or three words that should give an idea about the link. You can do the same btw - but please log in - in that way it is easier to understand who does what and if an IP is a spam IP or not. In a second stage, when the software on words & more is upgraded I will install semantic Mediawiki and tag them. From that moment on the "soup" will be easier to search. At a certain stage, when links become too much, a different scheme will be needed ... but for now ... I feel it is a good solution to make sure links do not get lost.

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